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I'm sad to report that after almost a 2 year fight against colon cancer my Father,
Robert E. Abrahall (6/24/1939-6/04/2007) has lost.  He will be greatly missed.  Bob Abrahall was greatly involved in all our lives. He leaves behind my mother, Evelyn, 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  Rest in peace "POP", as he was named by the Grandchildren.  You deserve it.

On 4 October 1764 (Arnold Barroll, mayor), John Abrahall was admitted & sworn a Freeman - for £15 - as a Foreigner.

John Abrahall and Keturah (Andrews) Abrahall b. @1774. They were married in the 1790s in England.  Their son was William Andrews Abrahall who immigrated to the US.  Unknown at this time of any siblings.

On 20 June 1825 (John Bleeck Lye, mayor), John Abrahall of Nicholas Lane, London, wine merchant, was admitted & sworn a Freeman – only son of John Abrahall late of City of Hereford, innholder, deceased6 [1826 Poll Book: John Abrahall of London, wine merchant, voted in the City of Hereford Parliamentary Elections]

William Andrews Abrahall (1800-December 8,1855) and Mary White Abrahall (1804-??)
had a son Samuel Abrahall (March 8,1826-??). 
They married in
July 1 1823 in London at Saint Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London, England and emigrated to the United States in approx 1838.


On 15 June 1826 (John Griffiths, mayor), William Andrews Abrahall of London, silk mercer, was admitted & sworn a Freeman - eldest son of John Abrahall of London. [1826 Poll Book: William Andrews Abrahall of London, silk merchant, voted in the City of Hereford Parliamentary Elections]

They also had another son *William Abrahall (1848-June 10, 1862) and 2 daughters Emeline (Emily) Abrahall  (1826-??) and Mary Abrahall (September 10,1830-31-???). All arrived on Dec 11, 1838 from London, England.

William Andrews Abrahall, Mary White Abrahall and William Abrahall are all buried in The Green-Wood Cemetery located in Brooklyn NY.  Their grave is unmarked.

In addition I have also found a Harry M. Abrahall and Henry M. Abrahall buried in another section of The Green-Wood cemetery.  Also in an unmarked grave.

Documents of the Assembly of  THE STATE OF NEW YORK Eighty-Sixth Sessions 1863 Volume V1.-Nos. 175 to 211, Inclusive
June 10, 1863.  A boy named Wm Abrahall aged about 15 years fell in getting on car 19 at Twenty Third street hurt his foot died of lockjaw. (a railroad accident).

It appears so far that Samuel John Abrahall (1826-6/13/1887)(England) and Anne(a) Waite (1828-7/14/1885) (Scotland) immigrated separately to NY sometime in the 1800's. Samuel arrived at age 12 on 12/11/1838 and Anne arrived at age 7 on 5/8/1835.  They married on 5/7/1854 at 26 Riverton St in NYC. 

It also appears that Samuel John Abrahall was at one time a Policeman in NYC.  He was assigned to the Tenth Patrol District in December 14, 1855 located at Essex Market- corner of Ludlow and Grand St. Samuel Abrahall was later appointed a NYC Patrolman, on January 3, 1860, and was assigned to the Sixth Precinct at 12 Franklin Street as confirmed by the Manual of the Corporation of The City of New York 1860. 

It was during this period that the City of Brooklyn became part of New York City and the Metropolitan Police Force was born.  I also found a listing for him in Trow's New York City Directory, Vol. LXXIII, May 1, 1860 that reads Abrahall, Samuel J. police, h 91 Norfolk.  He was also a chauffer in 1869 as there is a NY Times article (Sept 17, 1869) about an accident in which his horse bolted and several people were injured.

They had at least 3 children Frank Albert Abrahall (1864-10/21/1917), Isabella M. Abrahall (Sellers) (3/22/1855-1889 in San Francisco, California) and Mary Ellen Abrahall (Sellers) 1857/58-3/20/1900). Isabella and Mary later married 2 brothers.  Isabella married James Sellers in 1874 and Mary married Walter Sellers in 1875.
See Abrahall-Waite History link for Mary Ellen Abrahall (Sellers).

Samuel J. Abrahall was a Freemason as were his father and grandfather.  He joined between 1865-66 the Puritan Lodge #339, Grand Lodge 84394 and his member number was #263.  He completed his degrees on Nov 1, Nov 15 and Dec 6.  He was a Police Officer in NYC and 38 years old.

In May 1880 he left the Puritan Lodge (June 16, 1880) and affiliated with the Pacific Lodge #233, Grand Lodge 200051.  His member id was #574 and at that time he was 52 years old and his occupation was undertaker.

Frank Albert Abrahall (1864-10/21/1917) was married three (3) times, as confirmed by information received from Charles Seller (see Abrahall-Waite Family History link). He seemed to be involved in some questionable lines of work.  He was a boxing referee and had a bar called Frank's Place at one time.  He was also questioned regarding illegal gambling.

POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK No 300 Mulberry street Precinct No 11 New York April 1 1892 J Thomas Byrnes Esq Acting Superintendent of Police Sir In compliance with Rule 61 I respectfully submit the following report for the Quarter ending March 31 1892 Signed WM W McLaugulin Captain Eleventh Precinct.

No. 137 Bowery, poolroom; Gleason & Abrahall, proprietors; J. Stong, owner

Joe Gleason and Frank Abrahall were partners in bookmaking and had multiple offices in NY, Canada, Conn and Kentucky.  Here is an interesting article I found that was including in an old racing form.  Click here to view it (pdf reader needed). 

I also found this ad in the July 6, 1892
issue of The Spirit of The Times for the
Gleason Turf Commission Co.

To view a larger image of the ad
Click on It!


Frank Albert Abrahall (1864- 8 or 10/21/1917) married Francies (H) Kinney(1875-6/2/1935) on Sept. 6, 1893. Frank A. Abrahall may have been in the 22d Regiment as of December 27, 1900.

Robert Waite Abrahall (Jan. 20 1886-??) was from Frank's first marriage to Mary B. Abrahall (??- June 8, 1893) and Aubrey Kinney Abrahall (July 1 1894-Feb. 8 1948) and a daughter Frances E. Abrahall (May 6, 1804-??) were from his third marriage to Francis (H) Kinney (??- June 2, 1935) (daughter of Joseph A. Kinney and Mary (Evers) Kinney).  They resided at 160 E Thirty-Six St. NYC NY.  Frank's second wife was also named Mary E. but no children from that marriage have been found.

Aubrey Kinney Abrahall lived at 325 West 71st NYC NY (ph 507-9889)and worked for the Boro President of Manhattan 70 Columbus Circle, NYC NY. He may have also been related to Margaret Pardee who resided at the Gramercy Pk Hotel 21st and Lexington Ave, NYC, NY

Then on Feb. 29 1909 Robert (Bert)W. Abrahall (1/20/1886-??) married Margaret Lahey (1887-???)
Margaret's mother was Bridget Lahey (born in Northern Ireland) and she resided with them for some time.
Robert was a Chauffer according to the 1930's census records.
They had 4 children Frank Abrahall (3/15/1910-6/7/1995) My Grandfather,
Dorothy Abrahall (1912-??),  Margaret M. Abrahall (1919-?)
and Rita Abrahall (1915- 6/23/1918) who died from Diphtheria.

Robert Waite Abrahall did reside at 228 E 81st NY, NY according to a record Draft Registration Card. He also worked for Quaker Maid Inc 52-64 at 39th St Brooklyn.

Frank Abrahall (3/15/1910-6/7/1995) My Grandfather
married Gladys P. Bennett (10/31/1913-5/26/2006)
and they in turn had 4 children Robert E. Abrahall , my father,(6/24/1939-6/04/2007),
Frank Abrahall, Donald Abrahall and Francine Abrahall.

I found that some are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Queens NY and plan on seeing if a family plot may exist there. So I went to Calvary Cemetery and found 1 plot under the name Abrahall.  It was unmarked and the person buried there had a different surname.  The staff at the cemetery said it was not unusual that at one time, if someone died and had no plot, would say Hey, I got a plot, bury him/her there.

I have not yet fully confirmed all this information, but will.  In my search of archives I also found several other Abrahalls in NYC and I'm unsure of their direct relationship to my line but I'm sure there is a connection.  Also several Abrahalls are shown living in or traveled into NYC around the late 1800s and early 1900s.  I have listed their info below.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Place of Birth Marriage Date Spouse  
Harold W. Abrahall Nov. 5 1886   NY, NY      
Helen Abrahall 1888   NY,NY      
Mary B Abrahall 1865 June 8 1893   1875 Walter Seller  
Isabella Abrahall       1874 James Seller  
Frank A. Abrahall 1865   NY,NY      
Emily M. Abrahall       1888/9 James F. Quinn  
Celia Abrahall 1828   Liverpool UK      
Frances Abrahall (female) 1883          
Frances D Abrahall (female) 1891
Francis H Abrahall (female) 1878 poss. 2/2/1935        
Jasme Abrahall 1826          
Mary Abrahall 1804          
Mary E. Abrahall 1831
William Abrahall see below 1848 1862
Emeline Abrahall 1826
William A. Abrahall 1800 1855
Charles Abrahall 1886 England

1852 Brooklyn Addresses

Abrahall, William A. boarding 522 Grand
Abrahall, Samuel, oil 41 Clinton


Old Marriage Records from Manhattan NY

Abrahall, Emily Spouse : ???, ??? Date/Year of Marriage : 1888 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 13675

Abrahall, Emily M. Spouse : Quinn, James F. Date/Year of Marriage : 1888 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 13675

Abrahall, Emily M. Spouse : Quinn, James F. Date/Year of Marriage : 1889 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 8754

Abrahall, Frank Spouse : ???, ??? Date/Year of Marriage : 1886 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 64736

Abrahall, Frank A. Spouse : ???, ??? Date/Year of Marriage : 1886 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 64284

Abrahall, Isabella Spouse : Seller, James Date/Year of Marriage : 1874 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 4803

Abrahall, Mary E. Spouse : ???, ??? Date/Year of Marriage : 1874 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 5394

Abrahall, Mary E. Spouse : Seller, Walter Date/Year of Marriage : 1875 Location : Manhattan *Certificate Number : 1927

A Little Abrahall Family History

Spelling variations of this family name include: Abrahhall, Abrahal, Abbrahall, Abrehall, Abrehal, Aberhall, Abrahale, Abrell, Abbrell, Ebrell and many more.

First found in Herefordshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor. Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: the name represented in many forms and recorded from the mid 17th century in the great migration from Europe. Migrants settled in the eastern seaboard from Newfoundland, to Maine, to Virginia, the Carolinas, and to the islands. Richard Abrahall arrived in Maryland between 1655-1658.

First recorded as Abrehal(e) in 1255 this name may mean 'Eadburg's nook'. This was a manor of a family of that name around 1670.

Richard Neil Abrahall (Rick) from New Zealand informs that Abrahall stands for "Baron of the Hall".  Ricks father is originally from Birmingham England with stop over in Australia and then onto New Zealand where Rick and his Brother, Peter, were born and continue to reside.

It also appears that Abrahall is actually of Welsch (or perhaps even Irish) origin, not English, as the area in which they originally resided was basically a border town.

Aberhall or Abrahall was the place that the family of that name originally came from. In the 15th century the Abrahalls held the manor of Ingestone and Eaton Tregoz in Foy parish.

[ A little side note from Nigel Edwards: Thank you Nigel.

Thought you might like to know that my family leased Ingestone and lived there for 99 years from 1818 – 1917. The lease was taken out by my great-great-great grandfather, John Bennett. It was inherited by his son, James Bennett, and then by my great-grandfather Philip Charles Bennett, who surrendered the lease in 1917 during the First World War because farming (the horses having all been drafted into the army) had become such a precarious business. He went off (in effect back home) to neighbouring Brampton Abbots to farm at Netherton, a much smaller farm, before finally changing careers altogether and become a livestock auctioneer. The Bennetts were living in Brampton Abbots in the 17th century before my branch moved to Pencoyd and then to Foy.

One of my cousins has the original painting from which the Robinson line drawing of Ingestone is made. The painting contains the information that King James VI (of Scotland) and I of England was entertained at Ingestone on his accessional progress to London by a troupe of Morris men who were each around 100 years old. I forget the full details –it’s all on the picture.]

It appears that Foy , England is where the Abrahall's can call their home of origin. From around 1431 the Abrahall's dominated this area. The Abrahall's were the Lords of the Manor. The date of first settlement is unk. The Abrahall's also eventually resided in Eaton Tregoz. Relations include Aubrey, Lloyd,Hoskyns,Walwyns, Rudhalls, Kyrles and other Herefordshire families.

Ingestone is a farm on the right bank of the Wye towards the end of the Foy peninsula in a great loop in the river. It was earlier a mansion and township and was for centuries the home of the senior branch of the Abrahall family.

Ingestone was Enche(s)tone in 1283 and is likely to mean 'settlement of the manorial servants'.

Markey Abrahall, the last male heir of the family which had held Eaton Tregoz for several generations, died in 1715 and after passing to his sisters, Ingestone descended to John Hoskyns, who confusingly took the additional surname Abrahall.

So about 200 years ago Mary Abrahall thought she was the last of the line so left money to John Hoskyns on condition that he took the name to add to his own. This is the why there are families with the hyphenated name Hoskyns-Abrahall. This was sent to me from Stephen Abrahall of Somerset, UK along with the Coat of Arms from this union.

Ingestone House, a brick mansion, was built in 1616
by John Abrahall and demolished in the 1830s.

Image from A History of the Mansion and Manors of Herefordshire, Rev Charles Robinson, 1872


 Campfield, (possible site of Eaton Tregoz Castle) - Foy
MR No. 850    Grid Ref: SO 6054 2820

Foy is a parish 5km to the north of Ross -On-Wye. Half a mile to the east of the Parish Church of St Mary at Foy is a site named Campfield. The area is locally known as Hill of Eaton or Eaton Tregoz.

An L-shaped length of scarped hillside with arms projecting northwest and southwest, which appears to be largely natural. Below the northeast arm is a smaller scarp, probably of a later date and constructed in connection with cart track. The area is known locally as Camp Field, but there is little definite evidence for the existence of a camp
The site offers a good situation for a castle earthwork, but there no apparent remains of one. it has been suggested that this may be the site of a possible Iron Age fort.

There is a possibility that this is the site of Eaton Tregoz castle that was built by John de Tregoz, whose family were lords of Ewyas Harold and were considerably important during the 13th century. Robinson documents that in 1280 John de Tregoz was permitted to endow a chapel within his castle to St John the Baptist. The castle later passed through the family line to the de Grandisons, who in 1309 were granted a license to crenellate by King Edward II. By 1375 the castle was in the hands of Hugh Waterton. An Inquisition on Hugh de Waterton dated 1420 details the castle buildings as: a hall with buttery and pantry; a great chamber above; a parlour; a chapel; several other chambers; a kitchen, bakehouse and brewery; stables and barns; a lower and outer gate, both with chambers over; two mills and a deer park of 144 acres. Another Inquisition of 1433 lists the deer park as 1,000 acres enclosed.

The castle continued to be used by the Abrahall family who gained possession of the castle in the 15th century. The last male heir of the Eaton branck of the Abrahall family was the Revd. George Abrahall who died in 1673, and his co-heirs divided the property.

SMR record 9451

Site name Abrahall Manor, Hentland
Parish Hentland
NGR SO 5291 2420
Description Manor of Abrahall which was manor of family of that name c1670. Sold to Henry Bernard etc... Will Abrahall d 1487 seised of manor & 1 watermill in Abrahall, held of Earls of Shrewsbury. 1
Compiler White, Hilary
Date of record 1990
Period and site type
Post Medieval Manor house


There is also reference to a Lt. Col. Robert Abrahall and the House of Burgess in James Town, Virginia well before the Pilgrams landed at Plymouth Rock.  The Coat of Arms at the top of the page was used by him.

Colonel Robert Abrahall, who was the first member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from nearby New Kent Country in 1654.


Name Joined



Other Information
Lt. Col. Robert Abrahall   November 1654
March 1660
New Kent Captain in November 1654
Lieutenant Colonel in March 1660


If anyone has any information relating to Abrahall history please e-mail me with it and I'll post it. We'll probably never have all the answers. There's hundreds of years of legacy to sort and much of it is probably lost.


Below I've included other variations of the Abrahall Coats of Arms.  I do this because I had a very hard time finding them on the Internet myself.

The motto loosely translated means "He who touches me beware or repent."  It does make sense.  A hedgehog is a normally docile animal but, mess with it and those quills will get you!


"Who touches me, will repent"

FYI: "Qui Me Tangit Paenitebit" was part of the 315th Infantry Regiment, organized reserves coat of arms. it was approved in July 1925 for the use of that US Army regiment. Thanks to Amanda Abrahall for this info on the 315th.

Source:Kent, Samuel: “The Grammar of Heraldry” (1718)

Nemo Me impune Lacessit is actually from the motto of the Scotttish royal coat of arms, means something the along the lines of
No Harm done to me Will go Unpunished, in gaelic
Thanks to Amanda Abrahall for the translation.

Abrahall in Chinese, in case anyone is interested


Old Boxing Record

1898-10-27 Eddie Connolly W Tommy Broderick Waverly A.C., Yonkers, NY, USA TKO 10 0
~ Referee: Frank Abrahall ~
Broderick got smelling salts in his eyes between rounds and when he was unable to come out for the tenth round referee, Frank Abrahall counted him out (Brooklyn Daily Eagle).



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